Advanced Level: Samples of Instructor-Led Courses (Classroom or Online)


The courses in the Advanced Level cover a wide set of topics that occur frequently in many practical contexts. These include advanced topics in data analysis (especially the manipulation of data sets), advanced Excel functions, the use of PowerQuery, and key topics in corporate finance and markets (especially financial statement modelling and valuation). There is alao a course concerned with general business analysis, model planning and best practices.

The courses are currently offered only as instructor-led courses (on-line or classroom), and by pre-arrangement with us. The actual courses that are delivered can be customised to include aspects of any courses shown in this site (i.e.. from the CertFM Core Program, Financial Specialisms, or Data Specialisms).

Data Manipulation and Analysis using Advanced Excel

Cleaning Data · Splitting text fields with functions · Creating unique keys · Creating flat tables · Multiple data sets · Using Lookup, Text, Date, Information and Logical Functions. Dynamic sorting · Advanced filters and data extraction. Using VBA to Automate Data Manipulation and Analysis.· Adding or deleting worksheet categories. Determining the position and size of a data set. Reversing data sets by rows or columns · Consolidation of multiple worksheets · Reversing and splitting text items. User-defined functions for bespoke analysis.

Data Manipulation and Analysis using Power Query

Introduction to Power Query · Linking to external data sources · Cleaning data · Manipulating data · Transposition · Pivoting · Unpivoting · Grouped queries · Appending and consolidation of data sets · Introduction to M-language · Overview of advanced topics.

Financial Statement Modelling and Ratio Analysis

Meaning and interpretation of statements. Example transactions and their effects · Financial statement analysis · Ratio analysis: operations, leverage, Dupont analysis · Multi-factor Dupont analysis · Modelling integrated financial statements · Key steps and issues to consider · Differences with historical analysis · Balancing the balance sheet · Circular references · Consistency checking · Error elimination · Generalising the models to include specific features · Introduction to M&A modelling · Introduction to project finance and key measures and ratios. Portfolio analysis· Variance analysis and scenario analysis· Kaplan-Schweser decomposition · Piotroski F-score.

Valuation in Corporate Finance

Principles and approaches. Multiples, ratios and comparables · Asset-based approaches · Cash flow valuation · Enterprise and equity valuations and conversions · Derivates approaches · Annuities and terminal values · Value-driver formulas. Time value of money. Bond yield · Yield curve · Risk premia · Risk and return · Portfolio risk and return · Correlation · Capital Asset Pricing Model · Cost of equity · Weighted cost of capital · Leveraged and unleveraged cost of capital.  · Risk and return measures · Other risk measures · Value-at-risk · Semi-deviation · Sharpe and Treynor ratios. Variations and Advanced Topics in Cash Flow Valuation. Multiple annuity or terminal value periods · Explicit forecast periods and best practices. Adjusted Present Value approaches · Modigliani-Miller approaches to leverage formulas · Fama-French and Multi-factor models.

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