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Preparing to Access the Support Services

The support services are here to help you overcome issues that you may face when working through the mandatory quizzes. If you are stuck on a quiz or a particular question, we are here to help. The support service can provide feedback, guidance, tips or hints. The aim of the support is to reinforce your learning, so we won’t give you the answers directly.

Before accessing support, please:

  • Try the quiz on which you are stuck at least twice. If you did not achieve the required pass mark the first time, please revisit the reading materials and ensure that you have done the required exercises.
  • On the second (or subsequent time) taking the quiz, please note down the answers that you have entered, at least for the questions where you think you may have difficulty.

To access the service, please contact us by e-mail on support@certfm.com, providing the following information:

  • Your name and customer number.
  • Which quiz and/or question(s) you are having difficulty with.
  • The answers that you have tried for those quiz questions.
  • The Excel worksheet that you have built to answer the quiz questions (where requested for the quiz explicitly or implicitly), and any other reasoning used.

After receiving feedback from us, you can take the quiz again, until you achieve the required pass mark.

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