Using PowerPivot for Data Analysis

Advanced Data Analysis using PowerPivot


  • Develop skill in the use of the core aspects of PowerPivot in Excel.
  • Creating of PivotTables and their interpretation within the evaluation context.
  • Learn core elements of using the DAX language.
  • Develop skills in working with the Excel Data Model and relational databases.


  • Overview. This course covers some key topics in advanced statistics and data analysis using PowerPivot to analyse large datasets in Excel. 
  • Practical Work and Exercises. Students are expected to build simple examples for themselves a The course also contains downloadable data sets or simple models that allow a reader to do this practical work without having to enter large sets of data or repeat previous steps.


  • Introduction to PowerPivot. Pivot Tables · Filters · Slicers. Excel Data Model.
  • Filter and Evaluation Contexts and Measures.
  • Using Relational databases · Functions and iterator functions.
  • Introduction to the DAX language. 
  • Sensitivity analysis · CUBE functions · Time-intelligence · Complex queries
  • Links to Power BI.