Using PowerQuery for Data Manipulation and Analysis

Data Analysis and Manipulation using Power Query


  • Develop competence in the use of PowerQuery for data manipulation and analysis.
  • Understand the possibilities, benefits and drawbacks of alternative approaches to data manipulation (e.g. using traditional Excel or VBA algorithms).


  • Overview. This course covers the use of Excel’s PowerQuery functionality both to manipulate and to analyse data.
  • Practical Work and Exercises. Readers are expected to build simple examples for themselves as they follow the text. The course also contains downloadable data sets or simple models that allow a reader to do this practical work without having to enter large sets of data or repeat previous steps.


  • Introduction and Basic Functionality of PowerQuery. Introduction to Power Query · Linking to external data sources · Simple operations to clean and manipulate data · Transposition · Pivoting · Unpivoting · Grouped queries · Report Generation
  • Additional key uses. Appending and consolidation of data sets. Key functionalities and comparison with using pure Excel or VBA for similar tasks.
  • Introduction to Advanced Topics. Overview of further possibilities · Introduction to M-language.