0.a Financial Modelling Starter


Gain experience of the style of the learning process used within the CertFM Program.

  • Learn the meaning and objectives of modelling and its core application areas.
  • Master the fundamentals of Excel as a modelling platform.
  • Gain practical experience in building a simple model.


  • Overview. This course introduces modelling, its definition, key process steps, and its uses. It covers the fundamentals of using Excel as a modelling platform. Examples of simple models are shown to illustrate the key points, and there are also some simple hands-on exercises. The course aims to allow you to experience (for free) the style of the materials, and the learning process that is used within the CertFM Programs. This allows you to make an informed decision about whether to proceed further.
  • Practical work and exercises. Students are required to conduct several hands-on modelling exercises and can also follow along by replicating other examples that are shown in the text.
  • Assessment tests. There is one test, that is related to Excel and the building of a simple model.


  • Introduction.┬áThe┬ádefinition of modelling. Purpose, uses, application areas. The skills required. Links between modelling and data analysis.
  • Examples of simple models. Examples from personal finance, business and scientific applications.
  • Excel modelling foundations. Workbook and grid structures. Influence diagrams. Mapping a model concept into calculations. Creating formulas. Dependency and precedents tracing. Manual and automatic calculation options.

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