0.c Core Excel Operations


  • Learn the importance of sensitivity analysis and how to implement it.
  • Master the core features, operations and short-cuts of Excel required to build common types of simple models.
  • Gain practical experience in building and using models.


  • Overview. This course covers the main functionalities and short-cuts in Excel that are necessary to build models and conduct basic data analysis. These including the cretionand copying of formulas, various short-cuts, the use of named ranges, formatting, and graphics, amongst other topics.
  • Practical work and exercises. Students are required to conduct numerous hands-on modelling exercises and can also follow along by replicating other examples that are shown in the text.
  • Assessment tests. There are several assessment tests which test the key concepts and may require one to do practical exercises in Excel.


  • Excel functionality and core operations. Copy, paste, insert, delete, undo. Using Find/Replace in modelling and data analysis. Wildcard characters. GoTo and GoTo Special. Efficient selection of ranges. Navigation around a model. Short-cuts and KeyTips.
  • Named ranges. Use in formulas and model navigation. Advantages and disadvantages.
  • Formatting and graphics. General formatting. Conditional formatting. Custom formatting. Principles of effective visual communication. Using graphs and charts in Excel.

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