1.4 Automating Sensitivities with DataTables: An Introduction

A Data Table is a particular Excel functionality that creates a table of sensitivity results in an automated fashion i.e. by running the model several times, as the input(s) take a set of values that one has pre-defined. (The term “data table” is slightly misleading, since it is not a table of data, but of calculations).

The functionality is found on Excel’s Data tab, under the What-If Analysis sub-menu, with a drop-down that includes the Data Table as an option.


It is also worth recalling which workbook Calculation option is being used in the workbook: If the “Manual” or “Automatic except data tables” has been selected, then one will need either to press F9 each time that one wishes to see the correct results in the Data Table, or to switch the calculation option to Automatic (as discussed in an earlier course).

Practical examples of Data Tables are shown in the next section.

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