Level III Courses


The following summarises the content of each course using key words. More information about each can be seen by clicking the “More details” buttons.

III.a Macros, Automation and Algorithms

Introduction to VBA and macros. Benefits, uses. Key steps to getting started. Recording and adapting code. Using Loops. Creating conditionality. Code modules. Variables and objects. Working with ranges and objects. Code execution. Best practices. Run-time inputs and alerts. Debugging and checking. Automation of common modelling tasks. Running sensitivity and scenario analysis in non-dynamic models. Resolving circular references. GoalSeek and Solver. Monte Carlo Simulation. Optimisation modelling. Using Solver with VBA. Options valuation. Black-Scholes’ models. Automating data cleaning and manipulation. Filters and extraction. Data Refresh. Removing duplicates. Automating steps in data cleaning. Automation of filters and extraction. Worksheet events and changes. Multiple database queries and repeated use of criteria ranges. Determining the position and size of a data set. Reversing data sets by rows or columns. Working through files in folders. Adding or deleting worksheet categories. Reversing and splitting text items. Worksheet consolidation. User-defined functions and bespoke calculations for statistics, financial modelling and data analysis. 

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