The following summarises the content of each course using key words. More information about each course can be seen by clicking the “More details” buttons.

II.1 Economics and Financial Evaluation

Paybacks and scenarios. Growth formulae. Present values. Inflating and discounting. Time-period conversions. Time-value of money. Cost of capital. Interest compounding methods and formulas. Discounted cash flow. Annuity formulas. Terminal value calculations. Breakeven analysis. Calculation of returns. Internal rate of return (IRR). Net present value (NPV). Comparison of IRR with NPV. Loans and mortgages. Payback amounts and periods. Capital versus interest. Implied interest rates. Depreciation and amortization calculations. Risk and return. Portfolio effects. Correlation and diversification. Markowitz theory. Capital Asset Pricing Model. Cost of equity. Ratio analysis and portfolio analysis. Dupont analysis. Multi-variable Dupont analysis. Piotroski F-score. Variance analysis. Kaplan-Schweser decomposition.

5 Quizzes.

II.2 Data Analysis and Manipulation

Databases in Excel. Filters and sorting. Excel Tables. Advanced filters and criteria-based extraction. Pivot Tables. Slicers. Drilldowns. Dynamic ranges and functions. Unique values, filters, and sorting. Variable-sized ranges. Advanced lookup functions. Data Structures for modelling. Statistical analysis and functions. Single- and multi-variable statistics. Confidence intervals. Linear regression. Multiple regression. Array calculations. Probabilistic analysis. Probability distributions. Inverse functions. Random sampling. Statistical analysis. Distributions to model risk and uncertainty. Conditional probability. Bayesian analysis. Value of test-based information. Data manipulation with Excel. Cleaning and correcting. Splitting and joining. Flat tables. Identifying unique items. Creation of keys. Lookup functions. Text functions. Information and other Excel functions. Using PowerQuery for data analysis and manipulation. Loading data. Generating reports. Grouped queries. Pivoting and unpivoting. Appending and consolidating data sets. Advanced queries and manipulation with the M-language. PowerPivot. DAX measures. The Excel DataModel. Evaluation Contexts and Measures. Functions and iterator functions. Sensitivity analysis. CUBE functions. Time-intelligence.

5 Quizzes.

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