Why Take the CertFM?

Optimised Scope and Content

  • Completeness. The courses in the Program cover a wide set of subject that represent the main topics that a modern professional financial modeller is likely to need. The scope is regularly benchmarked against other financial modelling and analyst programs, as well as compared with professional qualifications such as the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst), MBA (Master of Business Administration), Masters in Finance. This is complemented by discussions with many practitioners in modelling and advanced data analysis, and with current and past students. It is also updated regularly when relevant additional functionality becomes available in Excel. The overall scope and depth is far larger than in any book, classroom training, or other on-line program. The program also includes some innovative approaches to issues faced by practitioners in specific contexts, and which are not published anywhere else.
  • Consistency. The CertFM Program has been developed as a single, integrated Program. The courses follow each other logically, with minimal gaps nor overlap, and use the same style, approach, language and terminology as each other. This approach avoids the fragmentation or inconsistencies that arise if you try to learn by piecing together ideas, content or approaches from multiple sources or searches.

A Highly Effective and Efficient Learning Process

The materials are presented as on-line reading materials using full text and illustrated with static images, and reinforced with assessment tests. We believe that this is a far more effective way to learn than classroom, video or audio methods:

  • On-line materials. The courses and tests are taken on-line, so they are available 24/7, and do not require you to spend time and money to travel. 
  • Full text and images. The materials use full text explanations which are complemented with thousands of static images (which are in colour). This (reading) channel is more effective and less tiring than the audio (listening) channel that is used in videos and classroom training, particularly when studying for long periods of time, or in a non-native language.
  • Clear structure and rapid navigation. The structure of the course or table of contents is always visible and accessible with a simple mouse click. It is easy and quick to go back and review prior materials. By contrast, the rewinding or forwarding of videos to find the right place can be very time-consuming and frustrating, whilst the missing (or failure to understand) an explanation in a classroom training setting can result in ineffective learning.
  • Progress tracking. The courses are each broken into chapters and topics, which are digestible in size. The number of chapters, topics and quizzes is shown, and you can easily see your progression (with metrics such as % completed, as well as colour-coding for completed topics).
  • Work at your own pace. You can progress at the rate that suits you, unconstrained by a video or instructor-led pace. You can stop at any time and easily pick up where you left off. You can work intensively if you wish, or more slowly if it suits you. You can do the exercises, replicate a set of calculations, or explore a particular issue by yourself in more depth. You can schedule your study time around your other commitments and priorities.
  • Practicality. The exercises and tests allow you to test your knowledge and gain hands-on experience. The learning experience is far richer and intense than if working only with books or other study materials.

Genuine Support

  • Progress smoothlyOur support services are available to help you overcome any blockages that you might face when taking the assessment tests, so that you can continue to progress smoothly. This contrasts with many other on-line, video-based or self-study courses, where the absence of support can result in significant time being wasted when trying to overcome issues by ones-self.
  • Interact with experts. Our support services are provided directly by real-life people! There are no chatbots or AI tools! 


  • Based on Genuine Assessment and Capability Development. The requirement to pass regular assessment tests means that you have proof that you have genuinely developed the necessary knowledge and skills. (This contrasts with many classroom or on-line programs, where a certificate may be issued based only on your participation).
  • Scope. The CertFM Program has a scope that is much wider than any other financial modelling program (the majority of which cover a small set of specific topics, such as financial statement modelling, rather than being genuinely devoted to financial modelling in the more general sense).
  • Reputation. Having been developed using the experience of globally recognised experts, the Program develops a huge set of practical skills as well as an in-depth knowledge of the associated concepts.

Value for Money

  • Low-cost solution. You can become a truly professional and well-rounded modeller and analyst for a fraction of the price of any other route, when all direct and indirect costs are considered. The time-based pricing approach means that – if you are prepared to work intensively – you can achieve a high level of certification very cost effectively.
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