The Certificate in Financial Modelling

and Data Analysis

A cost effective and flexible way to truly master EXCEL, modelling, finance, and data analysis.

The free starter course will be available in the coming days!

Online Learning

A comprehensive set of self-study courses that are 100% online that you can do anywhere, anytime.

Focused Support

Free personal support from our team of experts to ensure that you advance as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Skills Certification

Add credibility to your skills by earning a certificate at the end of each Level.

We provide a free Starter course, three Certification Levels, and a Lifelong Learning Library

Within each level of the CertFM Program, there are several courses.

You sign for (and work through) the courses in order and one at a time. The materials for each course are available for 12 months after sign-up. You can work at your own pace within the 12 month period for each course. For example, you may choose to work more quickly to gain your certification(s) sooner! You can also take a break between the courses (because you sign for each individually), so that you can optimize the use of your time.

Level I (Intermediate)

  • Financial Modelling Starter Course. This course is free after registering on the site. It allows you to experience the style of the materials, including the assessment tests, before deciding whether to proceed with the Program. Completing this courses is also a pre-requisite in order to be admitted to the rest of the Program.
  • Foundations of Modelling and Analysis with Excel. Core techniques to build models and conduct data analysis in Excel, including topics such as sensitivity analysis, common structures and calculations, Excel functions, functionality and short-cuts, graphs, and others! Leads to an intermediate level of knowledge on completion.
  • Certificate in Financial Modelling and Data Analysis – Level I (Intermediate).

Level II (Advanced)

This level is accessible only after completing Level I. It consists of two courses, and awards the Level II certificate when these have been completed:

  • Economics and Financial Evaluation. This course covers core concepts and calculations in economics finance relating to growth, interest compounding, discounting, annuities, IRR, NPV, loans, and ratio analysis.
  • Data Analysis, Manipulation and Statistics. This course covers intermediate and advanced level data analysis, including the manipulation, consolidation and integration of data sets. It uses the functions and functionality of native Excel, as well as PowerQuery and PowerPivot.
  • Certificate in Financial Modelling and Data Analysis – Level II (Advanced).

Level III (Expert)

This level is accessible only after completing Level II. It consists of three courses, and awards the Level III certificate when these have been completed:
  • Model Planning, Design and Best Practices. This course covers the issues to consider when planning and building models, in order to maximize their effectiveness.
  • Principles of Corporate Finance and Valuation. This course covers valuation using comparables and cash flow methods, as well as financial statement modelling.
  • Macros, Automation and Algorithms. This course uses VBA macros and functions to automate common tasks, increase efficiency and create more powerful models.
  • Certificate in Financial Modelling and Data Analysis – Level III (Expert).

The Alumni Lifelong Learning Library (“ALLL”)

The ALLL is a rich and ever-expanding set of specialist courses. It allows alumni to keep pace with the latest thinking and developments in financial modelling, data analysis and related fields. It is available only to alumni with the Level III (Expert) Certificate, and is based on a one-off payment which gives life-time access to the materials.

The topics covered within the ALLL include:

  • Advanced Corporate Finance and Valuation.
  • Optimisation Modelling in Business and Finance.
  • Principles of Project Finance Modelling.
  • Business Risk Management and Modelling.
  • Real Options Modelling and Valuation.
  • Essentials of Quantitative Finance.
  • Introduction to Credit Risk Modelling.
  • Principles of Machine Learning.

The ALLL-courses are free-form access. They can be accessed and read in any order. Although they may contain tests, these are only to reinforce the learning (they are not mandatory, and the answers to questions can be viewed after taking each test). Support services are not provided for courses within the ALLL.

Continuous Assessment

You work towards the certification on a continual-assessment basis: There are assessment tests embedded within the courses (rather than having a single final exam).

The tests in Levels I, II and III are all mandatory. Each has a minimum pass mark (which is specific to each, generally at least 60%). Each may be taken an unlimited number of times.

The tests are intended to be straightforward to pass as long as the materials have been properly studied and the exercises completed.

They have several roles:

  • To reinforce and test understanding of key topics.
  • To ensure the development of active skills.
  • To create more engaging course materials.
  • To create variety in the learning experience.
  • To ensure credibility to the value of the certification.
If you become stuck on a test, our support service is there to help!

Supporting Your Progress

The materials are designed to be worked through on a self-study basis, and passing each test is mandatory.

We recognize that you may become stuck on occasion, and our support service is here to help in that case:

  • Typically, we would review your answers and workings, and provide feedback, guidance, tips or hints, so that you can retake the test. (Please note that we will not provide the answers directly, but act as facilitators for you!)
  • Our support services are provided directly by real-life experts, not chatbots or AI interfaces!
  • We provide an unlimited amount of support within the defined scope.

Please also note that:

  • We provide an unlimited amount of support within the defined scope.
    help overcome issues that directly hinder your progress, essentially relating to the quizzes. It does not include reviewing other materials, or commenting on issues or generalisations of the subjects covered in the courses (and so on).
  • We reserve the right to determine the extent of support feedback provided, on a case-by-case basis.
  • The support is available only to fee paying students during the course access period (i.e. not when accessing the free materials, nor after the expiration of the course access period).
  • Support is available only for courses within Level I, II and III of the CertFM Program. It is not provided for the courses within the Lifelong Learning Library (for which any tests are not mandatory, and for which answers are provided within the materials).


Level I

You pay a fixed one-off fee, which gives access to:

  • The course materials and quizzes for 12 months. (This period – combined with the available support – should be more than sufficient if you work with diligence).
  • Our Standard-level support services during this time (help with up to one quiz per calendar month).
  • The Level I certificate on completion.

Level II and Level III

Starting at Level II, you continue on a subscription basis, choosing one of the three packages:

  • Premium. This gives access to the reading materials and quizzes, awards a certificate on completion, and allows you unlimited support to help with the quizzes, so that you can progress rapidly.
  • Standard. This gives access to the reading materials and quizzes, and awards a certificate on completion. The access to the support services is limited to help with up to one quiz per calendar month.
  • Basic. This gives access to the reading material and quizzes only. It does not lead to the award of a certificate, nor give access to our support services.

(You will have some information to form a judgement on the support level that you wish, based on your experience in Level I.)

You can cancel your subscription when you have completed as much as you wish. For example, if you wish to complete Level II only, then you can cancel the subscription when you have done so.

The Lifelong Learning Library

When you have completed Level III, you can access the LLL on a subscription basis. The subscription price for the LLL is similar to the Basic level packages, to reflect that there is no support and no certification provided.

Planning and Using Your Study Time

The volume of materials in each course is significant. As a rough guide, our classroom equivalents of each course (without quizzes) are typically of 2-3 days’ duration each, and the reading materials for each are around several hundred pages as standard printed text. However, in the CertFM Program, you work through the materials at the pace that suits you. Once you start working through the materials, you will be able to better estimate your own time requirements. Whilst the volume of materials in each course is significant, and not to be underestimated, the 12 month access period – combined with the available support – should be more than sufficient for any serious student who works and plans appropriately.

You Start the Program Step-By-Step ...

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This is a set of free course that you can take after registering on the site. It includes a quiz. You must complete this course (and quiz) if you wish to proceed to the main part of the CertFM Program, and to gain a certificate.

This is the first course of the main CertFM Progam

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